The criteria applied by HIPRA with regard to the processing of personal data, and which the company voluntarily provides through this web page, are shown below.

When you use this website and/or our apps and/or communicate electronically with HIPRA, we may gather and process your personal data. Our processing of your personal data is governed by this Privacy Policy.

The personal data controller is LABORATORIOS HIPRA, S.A., with registered address at Avda. La Selva 135, 17170 Amer (Girona), Spain.

The purpose of our personal data processing may consist of: (i) managing your business and/or contractual relationship with HIPRA; (ii) using your information as a HIPRA point of contact; (iii) sending you information about training or events in HIPRA’s professional field; and/or (iv) responding to enquiries or questions you send via our website or apps.

The lawful basis for our processing is HIPRA’s legitimate interest in maintaining our relationship with you and/or your consent where applicable. Consequently HIPRA will gather and process your data while our relationship remains in force and as long as you do not withdraw your consent to our processing of your data. When your personal data are no longer required for the purposes for which they were gathered, we will store them securely until they are finally erased.

As a group of companies with an international footprint, HIPRA may release your data to and exchange them with the companies in the HIPRA Group, which are listed on the website, for the same purposes indicated above. Your data will always be processed with the level of protection specified in applicable legislation.

HIPRA may also transfer your personal data: (i) to subcontracted service providers to deliver services (e.g. web hosting, data analysis, provision of information technology and related infrastructure, customer service, sending emails, auditing and other services); (ii) to other companies we work with for specific products or services; and (iii) to comply with applicable laws and requests from public authorities.

We hereby notify you that you may exercise your legal right to request access to and rectification or erasure of your personal data, restrict our processing, object to our processing, data portability and to withdraw your consent at any time by writing to: Avda. La Selva 135, 17170 Amer (Girona), Spain, or by emailing You may also contact the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

You agree to tell us about any changes in the personal data you provide. HIPRA is not liable for any loss or damage resulting from you giving us erroneous, inaccurate or incomplete data.



      I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Basic information on Data Protection.

      Informazioni di base sulla protezione dei dati personali:

      Titolare del trattamento: LABORATORIOS HIPRA, S.A.
      Finalità: Gestione del rapporto contrattuale e/o commerciale con HIPRA, incluso l’invio di notizie, promozioni e inviti a eventi sponsorizzati da HIPRA.
      Base giuridica: Esecuzione del rapporto contrattuale e del legittimo interesse di HIPRA.
      Destinatari: Terzi a cui HIPRA ha affidato servizi di cloud computing, sicurezza, auditing, mailing, supporto tecnico e informatico, nonché società del suo gruppo.
      Diritti: Richiedere l'accesso e la rettifica o la cancellazione dei dati personali e altri diritti come spiegato nelle informazioni aggiuntive. Puoi vedere le informazioni aggiuntive dettagliate sulla protezione dei dati nella nostra Informativa sulla privacy.

      Per ulteriori informazioni, puoi consultare le nostre informazioni dettagliate sulla Protezione dei dati.

      Basic Personal Data Protection information:

      Controller: LABORATORIOS HIPRA, S.A.
      Purposes: Managing the contractual and/or business relationship with HIPRA, including sending news, promotions and invitations to events sponsored by HIPRA.
      Lawful basis: Performance of the contractual relationship and HIPRA's legitimate Interest.
      Recipients: Third parties to which HIPRA has entrusted cloud computing, security, auditing, mailing, technical and computer support services, as well as companies in its group.
      Rights: Request access to and rectification or erasure of personal data and other rights as explained in the additional information. You can seeview the detailed additional information about data protection in our Privacy Policy.

      For further information, please check our detailed information on Data Protection.

      Información básica sobre protección de datos:

      Responsable del tratamiento: LABORATORIOS HIPRA, S.A.
      Propósitos: Gestionar la relación contractual y comercial con HIPRA, incluido el envío de noticias, promociones e invitaciones a eventos patrocinados por HIPRA.
      Fundamentos legales: Cumplimiento de la relación contractual e interés legítimo de HIPRA.
      Destinatarios: Terceros a los que HIPRA ha encargado las tareas de computación en la nube, seguridad, auditoría, correo, servicios de soporte técnico e informático, así como empresas de su grupo.
      Derechos: Solicitar el acceso y la rectificación o eliminación de los datos personales y otros derechos, tal como se explica en la información adicional. Puede ver la información adicional detallada sobre la protección de datos en nuestra Política de Privacidad.

      Para obtener más información, consulte nuestra información detallada sobre Protección de datos.