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Piglet vaccination

To vaccinate piglets, two important points must be considered in order to choose the best moment …

Impact of PRRSv genetic diversity

The high PRRS virus diversity has an important impact in diagnosis, immune response: vaccines, protection…

Practical approach to diagnosis

ELISA and PCR in combination can be used not only to detect an infection, but also to determine approximately…


How does Unistrain® PRRS work in vaccinating piglets with high levels of maternal derived antibodies?

How does Unistrain® PRRS work in vaccinating piglets with high levels of maternal derived antibodies?...

Publication of Laia Aguirre et al. in the ESPHM 2022. Intradermal and intramuscular vaccination against PRRS in piglets with modified live vaccine confer... Read More →
In an outbreak of PRRS with clinical symptoms, are modified live vaccines recommended?

In an outbreak of PRRS with clinical symptoms, are modified live vaccines recommended?...

A swine vet consultant recommends not to use a PRRS live vaccine because the efficacy of the vaccine is not enough to control... Read More →
When to vaccinate piglets with a PRRS modified live vaccine?

When to vaccinate piglets with a PRRS modified live vaccine?...

Is it necessary to vaccinate and revaccinate piglets with a PRRS modified live vaccine? When is the optimal time to do it? In... Read More →



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